China becomes second country to land and operate spacecraft on Mars

Mars has become the dream destination of many astronomers in recent years. While humans probably won’t have the chance to move there, at least in the next few decades or centuries, sending spaceships to the Red Planet to gather as much information as possible is still a good idea.

No astronaut has ever been to another planet, let alone another solar system or galaxy. Therefore, you may never fully know how the human body might react when exposed to different atmosphere, different gravity, and other environmental factors.

Chinese rover Zhurong achieves important goal

China’s Zhurong rover has completed the initial Mars exploration and frozen water program, according to NBC News. Yes, you guessed it: the rover is also looking for signs of the existence of life in the Martian past.
China’s National Space Administration even revealed that Zhurong completed a 90-day program and ended in excellent technical condition and is fully charged. Zhurong often returned data to Earth about his space travel.

The Chinese rover will continue to explore the Martian area known as Utopia Planitia, which also means the landing site.

Mars is smaller than Earth, but it remains by far the only planet in our solar system outside of ours that has the theoretical potential to harbor life forms.

Only time will tell for sure whether humans will become the first “Martians” or not, but what is certain is that astronomers are seriously considering the idea.

It has been about half a century since humanity landed on the Moon in 1972 during one of the famous Apollo missions. Therefore, common sense tells us that going to Mars shouldn’t be that complicated given the huge advancements in technology over so many years.

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