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3 tips on what to do if you don’t receive your Payroll Card bill

Do you have a credit card and didn’t receive the payment slip? Learn what to do if you do not receive your payroll card statement, not to enter revolving credit and always have credit limit available when you need it.

3 tips on what to do if you don’t receive your Payroll Card bill

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I didn’t receive the payroll credit card bill, how to pay?

The payroll-deductible credit card has its invoice automatically deducted from the INSS benefit or salary of its holders. However, this amount is limited to 5% of the payable margin, which is calculated based on retirement, pension or monthly salary. If the balance payable within the month is higher then it must be paid by the invoice or payment slip. But the question is always: If the bill is not received, what should I do to pay it?

Good question! Check out now the 3 tips of what to do if you do not receive the ticket.

1 – Contact bank to request barcode

Not receiving your Payroll Card bill does not eliminate your payment. On the contrary, this can make the debt bigger as interest and penalties are charged for late payment. In these cases it is therefore necessary to contact the bank to request the barcode for payment. This order can be placed online or in person, at banks or own stores.

The applicant should have personal information such as the holder’s name and social security number and answer some questions for security reasons. These questions may include your card number, home address, invoice due date, and more. Thus, it is very important that the holder himself makes contact with the banks.

In case of being an account holder of the same bank with the card, the user can reissue the invoice online, without having to contact the Relationship Center. The service is free and access to information is immediate.

2 – Confirm Address Information

It is always valid to check the address to which the invoice is being forwarded (even if no change of address has occurred).

Another option is to check with the issuing bank whether you can receive the invoice electronically by email to ensure you receive it on time. This can help to minimize or reduce future problems.

3 – Make payment with barcode

With the bar code and value in hand, it is possible to pay at self service cash machines, ATMs, lotteries or even through internet banking.

The amount charged may be added to the charges or these amounts may be added to the next month’s invoice. Remember that the barcode is generated for payment on a specific date and has a specific value. If not paid on time, the amount must be renegotiated. Take the opportunity to note the bank numbers and contacts, to request the updated bill if you do not receive the Payroll Card bill.

Proof of payment

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Always remember to save the proof of payment. This document is valid as proof that the amount has been settled and therefore in case of any problem simply present the original voucher or a copy of it.

If you receive your month’s bill of payment after its due date, file to avoid making a duplicate payment. Another very important tip is not to be confused about payments, is always check the value of the invoice.

Understand now why pay the invoice if you have had monthly expenses that exceeded the payable margin amount.

Why should you pay the invoice?

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One of the most obvious reasons is: keeping bills up to date. An essential caution is to control spending so as not to exceed what is earned within the month.

Paying the full amount of the invoice the holder does not enter the revolving credit, which is the additional limit. The advantage of this is, besides saving money, having a credit limit available when you need it.

Want to make a payroll credit card?

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Alliance World Company can help you contract the payroll credit card you need! Compare payroll credit card offers from different banks and choose the best one for you.

Simulate your payroll credit card

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Is credit card insurance worth it? See the answer here

Unfortunately, it is not news to anyone that violence in big cities has grown alarmingly. Precisely for this reason, insurance has become part of the Brazilian’s life and consumes a significant portion of his income. We are looking for life insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance and now even credit cards. But is it worth it to get credit card insurance? Follow this post and discover its advantages and disadvantages:


Insurance price

Insurance price

The insurance paid on the credit or debit card hardly exceeds $ 5.00 per month, which, per year, would not even reach $ 60.00. This value is considerably small given the headaches you could avoid if you had your card stolen.

Some carriers allow improper purchases not to be charged to the cardholder even a few days before the date of the notification, and the same holds true in case of card loss. They cover all amounts that are spent until the card is locked. But beware: anyone who has the habit of leaving the password noted along with the card loses the right to insurance coverage.

Some carriers also offer protection for purchases made over the internet, others do not. Therefore, always check with your administrator which coverage is available and which events are not covered.


Customers with many cards

Customers with many cards

If you are the type of person who has multiple cards but only uses one or two, you may be wasting money. Ideally, you should have just enough cards to make routine purchases and have a limit available to install purchases when needed. Other than that, having too many cards increases the risk of loss or theft and ends up generating annuity and insurance expenses that will never be used.

This can also make it difficult to keep track of your spending. The idea of ​​the card is to centralize all purchases in one place and to identify where your biggest expenses are, in order to make a financial management.

Avoid going out with all your cards at once. It’s always good to leave a spare at home. So if one of them is lost, you can use the reserve while waiting for the duplicate of the other.


Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Insurance usually offers a number of other benefits that are not just limited to loss and theft. Some offer accident compensation, travel cover, lost document and luggage coverage, airport lounge reservations, emergency accommodation etc. There is even insurance that covers theft of portable objects such as cell phones and other devices.

The downside is that a lot of people don’t even know that insurance offers it all, and sometimes it doesn’t take advantage of it when it needs it. Because it is such a small amount discounted on the invoice, some forget to read the prospectus and do not write down emergency phones.

But that won’t happen to you anymore: From now on, leave these numbers on your mobile phone or some other easily accessible place and check what coverage and services are offered to you. When in doubt, call the service center and ask an attendant to explain the benefits to which you are entitled.

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