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Secured Loan: Know the Mode


Secured home loan has become increasingly popular in Brazil. Its growing demand is due to the fact that installments and fees are more affordable to the consumer.

However, to get this type of credit you need to pay attention to some requirements. Want to know what they are and the advantages offered? Just keep reading today’s text.


Home Secured Loan: What is?

home loan

This type of credit is very similar to auto loan, however, instead of disposing of your car, you offer your property to the bank in order to secure payment in case of unforeseen circumstances. Remember that in addition to your home, you can also offer business establishments.

Even if the bank requires the repayment of the property to make the loan, it is possible to sell it while repaying it. However, the process is different from traditional procedures.

In this case, when finding a buyer of your property, you need to specify that the money obtained will be for the debt settlement. Even if the process takes up to 30 days, the buyer will pay off the balance and wait for the bank to withdraw the sale of the asset.

Before applying for your loan, it is important to evaluate whether it pays off or not. In the event of an unforeseen event, there is a great possibility that you will lose your property, which will cause immense damage to your pocket and family.


How to apply for secured loan?

How to apply for secured loan?

Because of the many offers on the market, the first step is to look for a financial institution that offers conditions that fit your needs.

After choosing where to borrow, the credit company will review your profile. After concluding that you will be able to afford the debt, the bank will arrange an appraisal to check the condition of the property.

The analysis and evaluation worked ?! Great! Now it’s paperwork time. Before signing the contract, it is important to read it carefully. After all the paperwork, your credit will be approved.


It’s important to be careful

secure loan

When deciding to close deal, do not forget that your property will be sold to the financial institution. Overdue installments may allow the bank to auction off your property to get back the borrowed money.

Other than that, it is worth remembering that the property can only be disposed of once per operation, ie it is not possible to make another secured loan while one is in force.

Another point that is worth your attention, is the value of the loan, which can not exceed 60% of the value of the property.

Apart from this type of credit, there are other options available in the market such as payroll – deductible loans and payroll loans guaranteed by bank. If you are negative and want to know if you can make loans anyway, you can click here for more information on this.

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Is it worth a loan to study?

Being able to study in a quality institution is the dream of many young people. But financial conditions are not always doing well to make it happen. It is for this and other reasons that it is worth thinking about getting a loan to study. Want to know if this is the best option right now? Enjoy reading this article to answer your questions.


Why apply for a student loan?

student loan?

If you want to study, be it a degree, a specialization, a free course or whatever, but the bills are tightening your budget, then this is a good time to apply for a student loan. But remember that this type of credit is indicated when the amount invested is very high, well above your budget.

You do not have to be negative to go after the loan. Just ask for the extra amount, which you want to invest where you consider it important, in this case the studies. Personal education and training is a good investment, considering that in the future this will give the opportunity to grow professionally, bringing a financial return.


How to study with a funding?

How to study with a funding?

Before deciding on the loan, a very important tip is to choose the institution you want to study at. Do a good research on the courses and possibilities and see what catches your eye in order to invest.

There are several financial companies in Brazil that offer this type of loan to future students. For this reason it is essential to research institutions and interest rates so this expense does not generate a snowball in the future.


What is the best loan my studies?

What is the best loan my studies?

Aregon has the mission of making financial matters easy for you, so we will give you some tips for finding the loan that may be right for your needs. First, let us know you: make a brief registration on our site, with total security, so that we can understand how your financial life.


Credit Score

Credit Score

Do you already know your credit score? A score built on your track record as a consumer and payer. It is through it that banks decide whether or not they can trust you to grant the loan. By finding out your score, you will know which financial products are most likely to pass the request.

How about taking the first steps towards the realization of your dreams? Know your score score and apply for the student loan most likely to pass.

I’ll wait for you next time. See you later!

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